Timeless Timepieces!

Posted on Nov 3, 2015

Timeless Timepieces!

It’s always the right ‘time’ to display priceless heirlooms! Recently, we had a customer who brought her father’s old watch in to be framed. Although we were honored to oblige her, the timepiece itself was rather bare. Feeling that an item so precious deserved a more descriptive story, she dedicated some time to mull over several potential additions.

After careful consideration and research, she dug up some family vacation photos wherein her father was proudly displaying the watch on his wrist. As an extra layer of neatness, she found maps of the locations they were vacationing to place behind the corresponding photographs.

The slightly skewed orientation of the photos adds lightheartedness to the overall piece, chockfull of memories and smiles.

Timeless Timepieces

The end result:


So do you have any heirlooms lying around to bring in to us? We’d love to help you create a personalized narrative!